Welcome to LiTeach! We are a leading online marketplace for connecting students of all ages with experienced and qualified tutors from Armenia and around the world.

Exams and tests are what we go through to achieve our educational and professional goals, and very often we need a professional tutor to help us throughout this journey.

Let’s face it though, finding a good tutor today is associated with obstacles such as, first of all, finding time, matching schedules, dedicating, or we should say wasting, long hours commuting and being stuck in a traffic jam.

The way it now works in Armenia is to ask your friends and relatives if they know of a good tutor, and even if you find one, it is not always a good match for a variety of reasons.

LiTeach is the first online marketplace for online tutors where you can find and learn about the tutors based on their background, teaching experience, and perhaps most importantly the reviews.

Our platform features a vast array of tutors who specialize in different subjects, including mathematics, science, languages, humanities, arts, and more. We have tutors for different levels of the subject starting from basic, entrance exams to local and international universities, and advanced tests such as TOEFL, GRE, SAT, AP etc.

Simply create an account, browse our tutors, pick one, and book the classes based on their and your schedules:

Let’s mention some of the benefits we offer at LiTeach.


Accessibility: Online tutoring provides students with access to a wide range of tutors and subjects, regardless of their location. This means students can connect with the best tutors from across the country and around the world, broadening their learning opportunities.

Flexibility: Online tutoring offers flexible scheduling, allowing students to book sessions at times that suit their individual needs. This makes it easy to balance learning with other commitments such as school, work, and family.

Personalized Learning: Tutors can tailor lessons to the student’s unique learning style, pace, and goals. This personalized approach enhances understanding and retention, leading to better academic outcomes.

Convenience: Online tutoring eliminates the need for travel, saving students time and effort. Sessions can be conducted from the comfort of the student’s home or any location with an internet connection.

Variety of Subjects and Tutors: The online tutor marketplace offers a diverse selection of tutors specializing in different subjects and areas of expertise. Students can find help in a wide range of subjects, including niche topics that may not be available locally.

Global Perspective: Learning from tutors around the world exposes students to different teaching styles and cultural perspectives, enriching their educational experience and broadening their horizons.


  • Make money online
  • Work anywhere, anytime
  • Make your own schedule.
  • Ability to teach students from all over the world without traveling.